The FIM-7921F interface module is a hot swappable module that provides data, management, and session You connect the FIM-7921F to your 100Gbps data networks using the 1 to 18 front panel QSFP28 interfaces. You can also connect the FIM-7921F to your 400Gbps data networks using the 19 and 20 front panel QSFP-DD interfaces. You can create link aggregation groups that can include data interfaces from multiple FIMs and FPMs in the same chassis. The front panel also includes M1 and M2 QSFP28, M3 and M4 SFP28 interfaces that connect to the base channel, two Ethernet management interfaces (MGMT1 and MGMT2), and a USB port. The USB port can be used with any USB key for backing up and restoring configuration files.sync/heartbeat interfaces, base backplane switching, hardware acceleration, and fabric backplane session-aware load balancing for a FortiGate-7000F series chassis. The FIM-7921F includes an integrated switch fabric, five NP7 processors to load balance millions of data sessions over the FortiGate-7000F 400Gbps fabric backplane channel to FPM processor modules. The FIM-7921F also includes a 50Gbps base backplane channel for base backplane management communication with each FPM in the chassis, one 1Tbps fabric backplane channel for fabric backplane communication with the other FIM in the chassis, and a second 50Gbps base backplane channel for base backplane communication with the other FIM in the chassis. The FIM-7921F also includes two 4 TByte SSD log disks in a RAID-1 configuration. The SSDs are accessible from the FIM-7921F front panel but should not be removed.

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